MBA Weeks 3 & 4: Corporate Governance

This is part of my Eccentric MBA,  a self-paced self-taught online programme of study.

You can tell it’s self-paced, because I’m doing two weeks in one here because of other commitments. It’s important to get back on the horse rather than letting it gallop away. This topic is corporate governance, and I’m focusing as before on large listed companies in the UK.

When your boardroom is like your board: bright, airy, up in the clouds, often vacant, and mostly white. In fairness, the directors I know are all extremely capable. But they are all white.
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash
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MBA Week 2: Mergers and Acquisitions

This is part of my Eccentric MBA,  a self-paced self-taught online programme of study.

This week’s topic is mergers and acquisitions. This cropped up in corporate law, obviously, and being short of time last week I was aware I’d not looked at it properly, so that’s what I’m doing this week. I started posting an unorganised set of impressions of things that struck me in a rapid skate over a complex area, which is my baseline aim, but had enough time to tidy it up in to something slightly more coherent.

For this Erratic MBA I’m looking at large, listed companies. I have previously studied mergers and acquisitions at a lower level.
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MBA Week 1: Corporate Law

The first topic of my first week of my Eccentric MBA: corporate law! This is part of a self-paced self-taught online programme of study, all explained on the MBA organiser page.

And of course I’ve had a big deadline on so have had far less time to spend on this than I’d hoped. But I did expect this to happen and the important thing is to keep going.

And one way of speeding up is to give only the most impressionistic, anecdotal account here rather than writing my thoughts at length, so that’s what you’re getting.

Corporate law is cool. Boards are cool. My weird green tea is cool, or more accurately cold. Photo by kishan bishnoi on Unsplash
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