Eccentric MBA

In 2022, I’m doing an Eccentric MBA, a self-paced self-taught online programme of study. This is the main organiser page; you may also want the curriculum.



I’ve picked up many bits and pieces of leadership, business, and management over the years, even running courses, but something more systematic would be useful.

The opportunity cost of an actual MBA is too high for me, and I already know much of the content. There’s much more than content to an MBA, though, which is harder to replicate. I’m going to do it in the open to help a bit with the networking and accountability – and this web page is the central organiser for the open things I’ve done and am doing.


  • Assemble a composite MBA curriculum
  • Select a topic each week
  • Find and use online resources to learn more about it
  • Write it up, in summary/outline, and post it here
  • Repeat, until I’ve had enough, run out of useful topics, other priorities take over, or it gets to the end of the year, at which point I’ll review it.

This is very similar to the approach I use in tutxoring – except I am using my own skills in finding suitable online resources directly, and don’t have the benefit of someone to discuss my progress in detail and act as a tutxor.


I worked through several conventional MBA programmes and other sources to synthesise a composite curriculum encompassing most of the topics taught as part of an MBA.

I definitely won’t be studying all of this in the depth that an MBA student would. Firstly, I know much of it already. Secondly, I don’t need or want to cover all of it in that depth, and it’d take more time than it’d be worth.