More Wiimote goodness from Johnny Chung Lee

If you’re at all interested in new ways of interaction with computers, have a look at Johnny Chung Lee’s latest brain-dump post about low-cost interaction technologies.  Throwable displays, cheap 3D motion capture, universal remotes and more.  The video demos in particular are great for helping you understand what he’s talking about and seeing the potential.  (I also like the way the Cambridge one reminds me a lot like old-school OU TV programming/Look Around You.)

Author: dougclow

Data scientist, tutxor, project leader, researcher, analyst, teacher, developer, educational technologist, online learning expert, and manager. I particularly enjoy rapidly appraising new-to-me contexts, and mediating between highly technical specialisms and others, from ordinary users to senior management. After 20 years at the OU as an academic, I am now a self-employed consultant, building on my skills and experience in working with people, technology, data science, and artificial intelligence, in a wide range of contexts and industries.

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