OU Conf: Teaching awards

I like the Teaching Awards – not quite as uplifting as a graduation ceremony, but you do get to hear about some fantastic stuff that we are doing. Previous ones haven’t been terribly well attended, but the Berrill Lecture Theatre is filling up already with time to go. And not just the usual suspects either – I don’t recognise most of the audience, which is a surprise. Maybe the decreasing tech focus has worked.

Hmm – I don’t have any info about the recipients in my conference pack so may get names wrong. Aha – have just found the details on the OU Intranet.

Denise Kirkpatrick is doing a general intro. Focus on scholarship. Mentions “Technology-supported learning” – not quite a phrase you hear the whole time.

20 nominations, 11 for ALs, 9 internals. Making 21 awards. Two awards to two NTFS nominees – Pam Shakespeare and Jane Henry – you get an OU one if you get the national one. Third is James Robson but he got an OU one two years ago. (I make that one nomination that wasn’t successful … interesting!)

Jane Henry – late of IET – now of OUBS. Long history of teaching innovation.

Pam Shakespeare – H&SC – major programmes and teaching. I’ve worked with her in the past.

ALs now. Alan Cadogan – he was very nice to me when I visited R03 as a naive new lecturer. A lot of YASS and prisons work. Iris Wunder – student on our H804. Not much detail or specifics about what they’ve done, alas, but still interesting.

Internal staff. More specific single things people have done that are excellent – actually I bet this is because of the different roles played by central vs AL staff. Digilab team – Keren Mills picking up – IET nomination too plus lots of others. Jessica Bartlett – Enabling Remote Activity – I know her from a local voluntary group, we should talk about our day jobs!

Author: dougclow

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