Intro to Learning Analytics

Here are some links to Learning Analytics literature, developed to help with talks I give on learning analytics. They’ll make most sense in that context, but should be useful standalone. (If you want me to give the talk somewhere else, do get in contact.)

Last edit: 28 May 2014.

Introductory papers

  • For teachers: Doug Clow (2013). An overview of learning analytics. Teaching in Higher Education, 18(6). [full text, preprint]
  • View of the field: George Siemens (2013). Learning Analytics: The Emergence of a Discipline. American Behavioral Scientist, Oct 2013, 57, 1380-1400. [full text]
  • Social learning analytics: Rebecca Ferguson & Simon Buckingham Shum (2012). Social learning analytics: Five approaches. 2nd Intl. Conf. on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK12), 29 Apr-02 May 2012, Vancouver, BC, 23–33. [full text, preprint]
  • Overview: Rebecca Ferguson (2012). Learning analytics: Drivers, developments and challenges. International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 4(5/6), 304–317. [full textpreprint]
  • For policymakers: UNESCO Policy Brief: Learning AnalyticsSimon Buckingham Shum, Nov 2012.

Briefings series


The Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference:

Special Issues



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