SoLAR Flare UK wrapup

The first SoLAR Flare UK ran last week, and was a great success. There’s a really excellent organiser of information from and about it on the event page on the SoLAR website, including the slides presented.

Several others posted liveblog or similar notes, including Sheila MacNeill, who also links to Martin Hawksey’s archive of Twitter data from the #flareUK tag, and a video with some photos from the event, and  Myles Danson who was particularly on top of the JISC CETIS Analytics series of publications that are coming out now. The plenary sessions were all captured on video and should be available for replay soon.

My estimable colleague Naomi Jeffery made PDF versions of my liveblog notes for easy reading on the Kindle, which is cool, and  – even better – she’s passed them on in case anyone else would find them useful, so here they are:

Thanks Naomi!

For those who are interested, the changes she made were:

  • Added header and footer:
    • to force Kindle to keep page size (did originally use a page border which was faster but it prevents text highlighting on the Kindle);
    • both name the doc so always shown if you change to landscape for closer view of images / diagrams;
    • page number always shown by Kindle so unnecessary.
  • Page format US ‘Letter’, as this fits exactly into two Kindle pageviews when converted to landscape. A4 is hideous.
  • Text all to Arial – renders well on the Kindle screen. Other fonts work well too.
  • Text size to 16 or above in most cases – comfortable to read without zoom.
  • Links kept, but are not much use on a wifi-only Kindle and don’t show well on black & white screens.

This work by Doug Clow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
No further permission needed to reuse/remix (with attribution), but it’s nice to be notified if you do.

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