LAK12: Summary

Here’s an organising summary of stuff from the Second International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, LAK12, held 29th April to 2nd May 2012 in Vancouver, BC.

Official resources

Doug Clow’s blog





Myles Danson’s blog

Twitter #lak12


LAK13 – in Leuven, Belgium, 8-12 April 2013

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Author: dougclow

Data scientist, tutxor, project leader, researcher, analyst, teacher, developer, educational technologist, online learning expert, and manager. I particularly enjoy rapidly appraising new-to-me contexts, and mediating between highly technical specialisms and others, from ordinary users to senior management. After 20 years at the OU as an academic, I am now a self-employed consultant, building on my skills and experience in working with people, technology, data science, and artificial intelligence, in a wide range of contexts and industries.

7 thoughts on “LAK12: Summary”

  1. Hi Doug, thank you for very useful information and links. Is there a wiki where people who are not currently connected to the conferences are posting what they are doing?

    1. Hi Nicola
      You’re welcome, glad it was useful.

      There isn’t a wiki, so far as I know, but the conference Twitter account @LAKconf has posted links to a few summaries, and the hashtag #lak12 is still seeing occasional updates. If you want to let the general conference audience know of something that’s probably the best and easiest route.

      There’s an open conference feedback Google Doc at which captures some pointers to future activities, and might be somewhere you could suggest a mechanism to keep a broader community in touch. A wiki could be cool – I don’t have the time to set one up, but in the spirit of community engagement and empowerment I expect people would be delighted if you wanted to get one started!

      While I’m listing contact opportunities, there’s also the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR, mailing list for updates (

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