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I did a review of To Do list apps about six months ago; I’ve just done a quick update, which I present here:

Things cloud sync is now in not-very-restricted beta, and seems to work Ok. Not, of course, available on the web.

Toodledo offline still not anywhere in sight, but apparently some third-party apps can provide it.

Omni Sync Server is still in beta, but seems to work Ok. Again, not available on the web.

Midnight Inbox finally released Inbox Touch for iPad v3.0, which has sync with Midnight Inbox 2.0 and Inbox Mobile 1.0 (iPhone) built in … but the latter two still aren’t released, so obviously you can’t actually sync across devices … yet. Website has updated “Coming soon” to “Coming soon – actually”.

Appigo Todo has a desktop mac app fully released, syncs with iPhone/iPad via the cloud using their own service ($20/y), Dropbox, or Presumably if via that gives you a web version, which is cool. is a new (to me!) web-based service – very nice interface for a web system. Can’t see any way to have it offline though.

I’ve decided, on reflection, that spending time on to-do list software is less of a priority than, you know, actually doing things I needed to do, so I’ve carried on with my current Dropbox/plain RTF system for now.

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5 thoughts on “Todo update”

  1. Have you looked at SimpleNote / Notational Velocity? Not a to do system per se but a way to sync text files across devices, but I’ve commandeered it as such and I prefer it to Dropbox/RTF.

    1. No, hadn’t looked at those and they look really interesting. I do use Evernote for syncing notes across devices but these look cool, thanks!

  2. Don’t forget The Hit List… a real good option with iPhone and Mac versions that sync.

    1. Thanks – had overlooked that for an update!

      For my (and others’) reference:
      Looks nice.
      Now fully released and is on the App Store. Mac version is $50, iPhone $10.
      Sync via their sync service at an extra $20/y; wifi/iCloud sync being considered but ‘no definite plan’.
      No web version: “There isn’t one coming in the near future, but we would love to make a web version of The Hit List for all our users. We do not know for sure if or when it’ll be available though.”

  3. Website has updated “Coming soon” to “Coming soon – actually”.


    “Coming soon” announcements are perilous indeed! I like to save the announcements for the “Done it” stage 🙂

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