Covid-19 resources

This is a UK-centric collection of authoritative resources related to Covid-19 (coronavirus SARS-CoV-2). I’m also lightly curating a Twitter list of authoritative sources on Covid-19, but they tend to include lots of other information. Neither of these are remotely comprehensive! Even if I wanted to do that, information is being produced faster than I can assess it. That said, if there’s something you think should be in here, do let me know.

Last update: 2020-02-26T12:42

Current facts and news

Wikipedia does well at coping with a fast-changing situation, but as always, if you need to be sure or it doesn’t quite seem right, go to the (linked!) authoritative sources:

Generally reliable and freely-accessible news sources:

General official information & advice

Advice for businesses and organisations

More details

Research information

For hard research info, there’s stuff on the WHO site (currently under ‘technical information’ and  ‘global research’) and many publishers have made research freely available, and some have free-access portals on the topic, e.g.

If you like statistics and numbers, here’s some good aggregation from Johns Hopkins University, with a few visualisations and a link to a well-maintained GitHub CSV.  

Another nice aggregation and visualisation of data is here, with lots of different dashboards, graphs and tables:

Doug Clow

I’m not an authoritative source myself on Covid-19! But I am well briefed on authoritative sources, and very experienced in mediating technical information to others.