LASI14 Monday (1): Introduction & overview

This is the first of several liveblogs from the Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2014, #LASI2014 #lasi14, held at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 30 June – 1 July 2014.

The liveblogging will be gathered together here.

Dragan Gasevic, Co-Chair, welcomes everyone on behalf of SoLAR and IEDMS. Reminds people about the distributed event.

Main goals are to build the field, see where it’s headed, and what the major challenges and objectives are. But also aware that the field is very immature. It’s early days. We need many people to get basic training. So programme in two major chunks. One is the morning plenary sessions, either as keynotes – three excellent keynote speakers coming up – and several panels, which will present existing results and also challenge us to engage in further discussions. Afternoon sessions on Monday and Tuesday primarily organised around workshops – hands-on sessions in small groups. It’s possible we can’t accommodate your first choices for the workshops; they’re only 20-30 people. and we have about 135 attenders. So have a second choice ready. Also check out the website of LASI and see what are the descriptions of the workshops. Some prerequisites – not knowledge, but in terms of technology to install prior to attending.

It’s a distributed event. As well as Harvard, we have 6-7 parallel events, including Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. So when you ask questions, please wait a bit and use the mic so we can stream the questions. The second and third day of the event will have the chairs and organisers of LASI-Locals reporting back about their activities. We hope this event will play a role of a broker, representing all these nodes.

Tag your blog with LASI2014 and register your feed with the LASI aggregator.

Also, if you’re presenting, please upload your slides and post the link in the Google Doc.

All sessions are recorded, and plenary sessions are live streamed.

One change from last year: more focus on doctoral students.

Thanks to sponsors – Canvas, Desire2Learn, Intel Education, Western Governors University, McGraw Hill Education. Thanks to the organisers and helpers.

Charles updates with some practical arrangements about coffee and bathrooms and so on.

Dragan welcomes George and Ryan.

Harvard University


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