Goldsmiths LEU Conference: Designing Learning Landscapes (1)

Liveblog notes from the morning at Goldsmiths’ Learning Enhancement Unit conference 2014: Designing Learning Landscapes #dllgold14.



Esther Saxey welcomes everyone, makes housekeeping announcements. We are in the ‘New Academic Building’ which, they are proud to tell us, is shortly to be named the Stuart Hall building after the late sociologist.

Michael Young: Welcome

Pro-Warden (Students and Learning Development), Goldsmiths

Welcomes everyone, thanks for coming. Thanks contributors and participants, and to the GLEU team for organising the event. Len Platt, Head of LEU, is leaving LEU for another post after today. Sue Dixon is starting on Monday as the new Head.

Introduces Andrea Sella. Research and experience in TEL.

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