Doug Clow

I’m Doug Clow, a researcher, analyst, data scientist, teacher, developer, educational technologist and manager. I particularly enjoy mediating between highly technical specialisms and others, from ordinary users to senior management. I work as a self-employed consultant and trainer with a wide range of clients, within education and beyond.


If you’re after an expert in learning and data science in your area, I can help with a range of consultancy services.


Need some specialist training and development from an expert facilitator and teacher? I can help with a range of courses to suit your requirements.

My blog

This site started life in 2007 as “Doug Clow’s Imaginatively-Titled Blog”; the blog is still going. I sometimes liveblog events I’m attending. You can read more about my approach to liveblogging.

Contact me

Email or Twitter are best if you want to get in contact, whether to discuss consultancy or training, or just to say hello.