InFocus: Learner analytics and Big data

Liveblog notes from “InFocus: Learner analytics and Big data“, a one-day conference organised by the Centre for Distance Education, University of London, held in Senate House.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by NASA Goddard Space Flight…

Steven Warburton: Welcome and Introduction

Head of Department for Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Surrey 

Analytics appears three times in the Gartner hype cycle curve.  At the peak, content analytics, very closely related. Big data at the top too. Prescriptive analytics Рwhat is the best course of action. Beyond descriptive, then predictive, to prescriptive. (ouch) Help people make the best decisions.

Predictive analytics story: from Target – How Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did. Guessed whether pregnant from purchasing patterns, sent targeted flyers to daughter, father angry.

OU Innovating Pedagogy report – learning analytics there. NMC horizon report – learning analytics again there on 2-3 year timetable.

What are the benefits? For learner, tutor, institution.

Erik Duval concern -programming out the human. We should be in control of those algorithms, thinking about human value.

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