LAK12: Sunday afternoon

Liveblog notes from the Sunday afternoon workshop at the start of LAK12.

Lori Lockyer and Shane Dawson: Where Learning Analytics Meets Learning Design


Starting with introductions – there are people here with all sorts of backgrounds.
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LAK12: Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Vancouver

I’m at the Second International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK12) in Vancouver, Canada.

The conference hastag is #lak12, and updates are on @lakconf; there’ll also be a livestream video for the main conference.

This is the first of several liveblogs from me from the conference. There are notes mainly for me, but posted here in the hope they might be useful to others.

Today (Sunday 29 April) is the pre-conference workshops; the conference proper runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The workshops are taking place on the UBC campus in Vancouver, which is a fascinating mix of buildings set in stunning Pacific coastal parkland. If I had to emigrate I wouldn’t mind working here.

Museum of Anthropology
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