OUConf10 – Jimmy Wales – Openness in Education

Finally from the OU Conference 2010, my notes from Jimmy Wales’ closing keynote: Openness in Education. Jimmy Wales, in case you didn’t know or have forgotten, is the founder of Wikipedia (or co-founder – a debate explored fully on Wikipedia itself)

We had a few technical issues to start with fiddling with slides, but Jimmy was extremely friendly and patient and chatted while we got things sorted out. Then he started in properly.

Jimmy Wales, photo by Wikimania2009 on Flickr (CC-BY)

Wikipedia was the great experiment – the core idea behind Wikipedia was to create a free encyclopaedia, for everyone in the world, in many many languages. Charles van Doren was editor at Britannica – was saying it should be radical and stop being safe. Admire very much, but isn’t radical.

Wikipedia has radical idea – every single person on the plant it given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Each part is important. Defines what Wikipedia is.

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OUConf10 – Open Access (fourth session)

Here’s the notes from the fourth session of the OU Teaching and Learning Conference 2010. There’s plenty of discussion, notes, links and academic references in the clouds in the conference cloudspace on Cloudworks – and these notes appear there too.

The final keynote by Jimmy Wales I’ve separated out in to its own post, which should be the next one along.

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