OUConf10: Open Learning (second session)

More notes from the OU Conference Learning in an open world, from the afternoon session of Tuesday 22 June 2010.

As for this morning, I’m posting the live notes straight in to the appropriate place in the Cloudscape for the conference, and gathering them together here to give a more linear view.

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OUConf10 – Open Content (first session)

The OU is holding its annual internal Learning and Technology conference in the open this year. The theme is ‘Learning in an open world‘. It’s all entirely virtual, synchronously on Elluminate and asynchronously on Cloudworks. It’s been pretty lively the first morning, with around 125 people using multichannel communications. The Cloudscape for the conference is the place to start for all the information, and #OUConf10 is the Twitter hashtag.

I’m official liveblogger, so I’ve been taking notes and putting them there. I’m gathering them all together here on my blog to give a more linear view of what the conference seemed like for me.

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