Ten Tips For Coping With Lots Of Rough Nights

My namesake and fellow educational technologist Doug Belshaw has some handy tips for remaining productive after a rough night. There’s a big difference between coping with a single bad night’s sleep, and coping with chronic sleep deprivation. As Doug B says,

Whether it’s being woken up several times by our children, the eternal racket of noisy neighbours, or simply going to bed late and sleeping restlessly, we’ve all been in the situation where we need to be productive after a rough night.

But some people have to cope with the situation where where they need to remain productive after a prolonged series of rough nights, with no immediate prospect of improvement. It could be caring responsibilities of some sort, it could be a chronic health condition, it could be really very antisocial neighbours, or numerous other things. As one who is emerging slowly from just such a situation after several years, I can attest that what you need to do is very different. So, for instance, Doug B’s first tip is:

1. Don’t snooze

The likelihood is that if you’re having a rough night you’ll probably wake up half an hour to an hour before your usual waking-up time. Get up! Whilst it’s tempting to stay in bed, snoozing actually has a worse effect on your productivity than getting up and getting on with your day.

You can always go to bed early at the other end!

This is great advice … unless there’s no prospect of you going to bed any earlier at the other end.

So here’s my – fairly unscientific – set of ten tips for anyone facing a similar situation.

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